Career Chart

Warhammer is broken unto four basic career paths, Academic, Ranger, Rogue and Warrior. Within each of these professions are careers that players use to advance in the game.

Academic – Academics are the educated persons of society. They can read and write (which practically) no one else can), and they often have lucrative jobs amoungst the professions or skilled crafts. Many academics start out as Artisans, Clerics, Lawyers, or Wizards.

Academics must have an Int and WP of at least 30

Ranger -Rangers are independent rural characters. Their lives may have been spent tending animals, or roaming the woodlands or mountains. such characters might have been Herdsmen, Gameskeepers,Trappers

Rangers must have a BS of at least 30.

Rogue – Rogues live largely by their wits, usually in cities where they can make a living from the mass of common and gullible people. Typically they will have been Entertainers, Thieves or Beggers

Warrior – Warriors come from a fighting background. This is not necessarily the military, but will always have had hand to hand combat skills of some kind. For example, Warrior characters Pit Fighters, Bodyguards or Mercenaries.

Warrior characters must have a WS of at least 30

Career Chart

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